Watch Deadly Birthday Party 2014

Deadly Birthday Party 2014

  • ,,
  • Natu Nimuee
  • English
  • USA
  • Dajana Gierth, Julia Lorenz, Matthias Beitien
  • A mysterious Avenger turns up in the neighbourhood. Driven by her strong longing for justice she has made it her duty to eliminate every criminal, liar and traitor in her area who is a threat to society and innocent individuals. After her deed is done, she begins to tell the tale of another avenger, who seems to be in a similar situation but whose motives are a lot different: Marissa’s 18th birthday is coming up. She got her parents’ permission to celebrate her birthday at home with her friends. Her mother is away on a business trip while her father takes the chance to see his new love. Marissa can finally celebrate her birthday with her friends, undisturbed by her parents. During the party preparations Marissa suffers occasional headache attacks. During these attacks she has visions of her friends committing suicide. Ignoring her headaches she prepares the party. Marissa’s guests arrive: Her boyfriend Peter, her best friend Julie and her high school friend Patrick with his … Written by Farah Caroline Woditschka
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